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Oh no! I'm not going to die in a fiery explosion.




Life is a strange thing, really. My grandmother-in-law died last week, aged 102. She was very old, and through the funeral service I was just wondering how I'd go. I didn't want to die at 102, waay too much waiting around, doing nothing. I'm thinking 45 is the age I'd like to kick off.


I am constantly told by lawyers, friends and family that I'll die because of my reckless impulsiveness and there is always someone from Greenpeace saying I'll drown to death if I don't turn off all my lights. (I've been to Norway, Alaska and up to Lapland in the last 5 years, it's still too cold up there). I thought I was dead last month when I was in a very fast car. At night. In the Northern Territory. At 280 kilometres per hour. A friend and I got very bored and rather drunk, so misread the speed limit of 130kph...still, never received a fine.

I was sure I was dead when I went BASE jumping and the parachute delayed. Both these times, I was sure I was going to die, but it didn't matter because at those moments, I had never felt more alive.


Because I spend more hours a day on a plane or in a car than I do at my destination, I assumed I would die on fire, at high speed in a collision of some sort. Until I got this week off. I decided for no apparent reason to not work at all, to just stay in my house at the Gold Coast and not budge at all.


First thing I noticed was that after the travel-lag had worn off - I had bad insomnia. So I was up till 4am last...morning and was awoken an hour ago at ten past nine by some telephone man who needed to replace a socket in my kitchen. So I have been up one hour, doing absolutely nothing except wait for time to pass. I swear that this week, I'm going to die of boredom.

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