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just to your messege query i had that problem to and with all the other problems i was having with fsx, dll problems, freezes (screen), jerky screen, errors just to metion a few. i see people have these and whole lot more like i did and post a comment looking for fixes etc. can end up wasting alot of time and sometimes money when you not sure about these problems that can come up randomley, wont load properly, grafics, aa laision when on plays up etc. they might think they are getting on to it if the problems they have ARE getting worked on, tryn to work these problems out etc. some may sort out some may not. but the answer has been posted a number of times but me and other people like me think naaaaa that wont be it,,naaaaaaaa its says dll,naaaaa say grafic card,,naaaaaaa must be corupt files. ill reinstall again etc.OR you have tryed to sort problem out but still there. even go as far as a pc shop and they cant fix.

if you get no-where with problems and they still come up any old time. may be a good idea to check your pc for dust build-up etc, mabe running hot allsorts of errors probs freeze etc comes up.well my friend, my fsx is running perfect not a prolem in site, goes all night hours without freezing closing or what ever. been going for months not a problem., all probs sorted :D ready for it......... HEAT... yes heat, plain old heat. TOOO much heat in MB temp and CPU temp. check temp on mb,cpu. ckeck fan speed. see what you pc has as in temp settings and make sure they are within operating temp. if getting hot clean out filters, gills, mother board etc for DUST BUILD UP. and clean out etc then recheck pc if cools down all good. Then try fsx. if problem continues uninstall_ NOTE: USE FSX CD TO UNINSTALL. IF YOU CANT DO THIS IN ORDER-(UNINSTALL SP2 first, then SP1, then FSX backwards in add/remove folder.) re-install fsx 1st, and sp1 2ndley, and sp2 3rdley, if you are useing these service packs. NOTE after installing sp1, put fsx disc1 back in and click install fsx. EVEN THOUGHT YOU ALLREADY HAVE BEFORE. when says install or repair, CLICK REPAIR and the rest is easy. NOW INSTALL SP2. and your ready to go. this may not fix your problem but worth checking out FIRST. its that i see people writing in post reply coluims bout there probs and it all sounds and exactley the same error codes dlls etc what ive been through. bottom line is PC DONT LIKE WORKING HOT. clean or check for dust often. every pcs differant so check your pc specks for mb and cpu temp. mine is so good i dont have problems landing plane or jugding the landing strip distance when not using vor vector etc. can see like almost real 2d-3d works well . all the best. captainakba



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