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A Flight to Haiti




The recent earthquake in Haiti certainly has the news people hopping lately. While it’s true that I feel bad for these people it also seemed like a good opportunity to setup a situation in flight simulator and spend the day flying. Besides, I can't be there in real life and Flight Simulator IS the next best thing to being there. While I’m simulating a Learjet flight I might as well simulate the assistance I might be giving to the Haitians. Let’ see, in real life I work in a hospital. Perhaps I might create a scenario where I am flying a medical crew to Haiti. What an imagination I have, heh?


First I launched FlightSim Commander to create the flight plan. I left my Learjet last in Omaha Nebraska, parked at KOMA. Currently my mom is there visiting he best friend, and the woman who helped raise me. Now, from KOMA (Eppley Field in Omaha Nebraska to MTPP (Toussaint Louverture Airport in Port Au Prince, Haiti) is about 1900 nautical miles. The Learjet would probably make that non-stop flight but then they would have to refuel. In my over-active imagination I pondered the thought of using precious recourses from Haiti, a country currently in need. I didn’t want to do that. I wanted to bring them help without costing them any money whatsoever. So I split the flight in half. The first leg was from KOMA to KSRQ (Sarasota-Bradenton International in Sarasota, Florida), where I refueled. Then I took off again for Port Au Prince to drop off my medical team. That way I would still have enough fuel to get back to Florida and I wouldn’t have to use any fuel from Haiti.


Each leg was approximately 2 and a half hours. That kept me occupied and out of trouble for a good part of the day, although it did make the wife a little uptight toward the end of the afternoon. At that time It was time to do something responsible so I went to Discount to put tires on my truck. That at least kept me out of the dog house for another day or two. My next day off is Monday. I think I’m going to have to get my Learjet back home to Phoenix (KDVT). That’s okay to me. Any day I can spend flying is a good day off. I just might have to bring home some candy and flowers for the wife.


PS: I truly do love my wife. I tell her all the time that “I am the pilot of our world. You are merely a navigator. You point, and I go. That’s how that works…” I think she likes that idea. Until next time, my friends… :cool:


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