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Game Changer




At the beginning of the week I lost my Intel motherboard and processor. It was a sad day in IvanOhio. Well, while sitting at my desk in grief over the loss of the motherboard and processor I looked over and noticed the boxes on my bookcase shelf. AH HA! I realized I had a backup to my loss.


A while back I purchased a combo deal of motherboard, processor and graphic card. The motherboard is ASUS F1A75-V Pro, A8-3850 Quad core and a HD6670 graphic card. Well, I went to work at getting this up and running. I am presently online using this setup. I am quite impressed with it so far. Fast and stable so far. I am using 16 GB of Kingston HperX 1600 and Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit operating system.



The fun part is to see how well FSX operates on this system. Well, I am out of here to continue some updates and installation of software on it.


Opportunity is always around if you look for it...



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