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Microsoft Patient Rights Agreement




With the release of Flight, even though we have ESP


I know consider myself a patient at the Microsoft Clinic.


I think this whole flight thing is some cruel experiment that the mad scientists are trying on the flight sim lab rats.


Come on, I know we were supposed to stop complaining... however


when I look at FSX and think of everything Flight could have been, well it makes me feel like I need some kind of medication.......




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Amen! I feel much the same. I think it was a cruel thing to do to us, like they were saying "Ha, take that you bunch-a dedicated sim customers"! "We'll show you what loyalty can gettch-ya"! Yes, I downloaded Flight, I found it uh...boring. I think Goldhawk hit on the head, we should all be given free Microsoft health care due to the stress they are putting us through!! LOL! I jumped the gun on "Flight"..its actually pretty cool if you explore it a bit! With age comes the ability to re-evaluate one's own short-comings and learn to restrain from tongue and pen more frequently! :)



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