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Heatseeker... Not.

Flying Officer Jevans



I'm sure you've heard of the worldwide craze which is the Nintendo Wii. You may also know that it has a game called 'Heatseeker' available, which is a military flightsim.


Weeell, I'm now on level 2.5, and I'm noticing some significant problems with the game -

1: Numbers. You and your wingman are based on an aircraft carrier called the Nemesis. Not a problem, except you appear to be the only two on the ship. And of course, the kill counts are ridiculous compared. I killed over 50 aircraft in level 2.4.


2: Weapons - on the same level I apparently fired 200 odd ARAAM's! And they don't appear to be very accurate for 'Heatseekers'.

Ever heard of radar homing? Good thing I can fire the cannons( with an unlimited amount of ammo - you need it!)


Having said that - it's a lot of fun. Makes a change from FSX!


(As an aside, in the manual it lists the aircraft you can unlock, with pics. Except one - Top Secret Black Project thingy - which just has a silhouette. Now come on guys, I bet even Joe Public can recognise the shape of Blackbird?:D)

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I only play on a PC myself. I might get a PS3 for the Blu-Ray player this fall it the price is right.


Have you ever played games on the PC? It is usually a little harder because you have to be more precise. Not knocking the Wii because I haven't been there or done that.



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Yes, I have played games on the computer. After all, I am on a Flight Sim website.:D


Seriously, I have played combat games on the PC. Yes, it's harder, but possibly less fun.

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