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Well, here we go.




Hello fellow bloggers,

That is a bit assuming on my part. Who knows if I will like this, or if my life, times and opinions are interesting enough for anyone to read, let alone comment on.

If someone were to section my trunk they would presumably count 63 rings. (If I were a tree). I reside in the great state of Nebraska, home of a formerly great, and soon to be great again, football team known as the Cornhuskers. On any Saturday when the Cornhuskers play in their home stadium in Lincoln that gathering of supporters would be large enough to be the third largest city in the state. Yes we are pretty spread out. For those of you in the rest of the world, Nebraska is in the center of the USA, and Cornhuskers lived long before the advent of modern corn picking machinery. A real cornhusker could pick and husk a fair amount of corn in a day with only a wagon and a good pair of husking gloves.

I ramble on to no good place to end this first entry. I have a minor military background (7 years, 8 months, 21 days), That I consider the finest days of my life.

I am also a firm believer that old age and trickery will beat youth and ambition everytime.

Enough for now. A minor challenge might be to see if any readers can glean any inormation about me from my name "Habu1967".



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Of course I understand what Habu1967 refers to. In fact, I recently bought the payware SR-71 Blackbird for FS2004, though I've only had time to fly it once. (Nice addon.)


As for Nebraska, I'll have you know that I once drove to Benkleman (which even you may never have heard of) to take pictures just because I liked the sound of the name when I came across it on a Town-This-Way road sign. If you go out to my website, pcgamecontrols.com, you'll see some of my photography. Look for the "Northern Trip" thread or whatever I called it. I got as far east as McCook, only to run into engine trouble, forcing me to drive north to Grand Island for repairs.


Folks, an aside: In the old days in Nebraska they would say, of the shallow and sandy Platte River, "Too thick to drink, too thin to plow."


So there, mon ami, we have plenty to talk about, except that I absolutely loathe all forms of sports. And anyway I live in Colorado, where to utter the team name "Cornhuskers" is to invite immediate death by ridicule.

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Hi Habu1967,


I'm 62 and retired. I'm a college football fan and I pull for the Alabama Crimson Tide. We to are on the come back. It was always a lot of fun to play Neb. We won some and lost some but it was almost always a good game. As I remember it was a hard fought game but with good sportsmanship on both sides. We start the season this Sat. against Clemson so wish us luck we will need it. Roll Tide Roll!


I'm from the Gulf Coast and it's our time to be in the news, weather wise.

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