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An experiment.




Just checking this thing out. It's my first experience with any blog.





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Tell us about the motorcycle in your avatar. It looks like a built-for-comfort distance machine. (I know zero about motorcycles so please forgive if I'm using wrong terminology.)

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It is a "built for comfort/distance machine. It's a 1989 Honda Gold Wing, with all the comforts of home. Air ride rear suspension, electronic cruise control, AM/FM/Tape player, with an added XM satellite receiver. Nice cushy seat with both driver and passenger backrests. Luggage rack, trunk, and two saddlebags. Has an intercom system that hooks into helmet speakers/mikephones so that you can communicate with the passenger, or use the CB radio. The Gold Wing is sometimes referred to as a "motorhome" because of it's comfort and conveniences. The greatest touring machine made! And, so quiet that you can hardly hear them. Mine only has 97,000 miles on it, so it is just barely broken in. These machines will run to 300K without much being done in the repair department.

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I tried twice to learn to ride but couldn't do it. I simply could not coordinate my hands and feet well enough to be safe.


So unless a motorcycle had automatic transmission :) I would be afraid to try it out.


Also, if I managed to lay a machine like yours on its side, I would have to call AAA to get going again -- there is no way I'd be able to get it upright again. (And I would need some kind of mask so people would not know who they were laughing at.)




But speaking of 300,000 miles, my Crown Victoria station wagon, one of the last real cars to be made in the USA, passed that mark about two years ago and is still going strong. The only major items that it's needed are a rebuilt transmission and a new set of injectors.


Of course it's a Ford, not that I intend to start a fight or anything. :)

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