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It's only the 10th, but while driving back from Safeway the urge -- the need -- the demand that I write, and write today, struck with high impact. I was furious that day in 2001, fighting mad -- so mad that I called the Israeli Embassy in San Francisco to offer my services in any capacity they might see fit. But I couldn't get through. Their switchboard was jammed, and by the next day I had calmed down a little.


I suddenly understood what the attack on Pearl Harbor had meant to the people of the USA of that time. I'm fighting mad today, all over again, even though today is only 9/10 and not 9/11.


It had taken six of these seven years for the nightmares to stop. Are they now going to start again? Is that why I have to write about this stuff? So I won't have to dream about it?




Yes ... There it is ... Right on time and 3,000 feet below lower than we are. Hell's Gate, the junction of the East River and the Harlem River, just as in the simulator. I'll roll the aircraft into a gentle descending left turn. After all, I don't want to upset the passengers any more than they're already upset. We still have 25 miles and four minutes to go. Let's not give them any ideas ...


There we are, lined up on Fifth Avenue. I don't know anything about New York, but in the sim I was easily able to identify Central Park off in the distance to the southwest, and Fifth Avenue runs right along its eastern edge. Passing a sports stadium I continue my descent, now tracking straight down Fifth. But I'm going to level off at 1500 feet before I reach the Empire State building so I can't possibly hit it -- because that's not the plan for the day.


... ... There it is, the big antenna mast on top of the building. Here it comes, there it goes, just below me off the right wing. Get the nose down now, way down, because I have to get down to 700 feet before I can do the will of ... ... No. No time for that now ...


As I near Union Square I pull the nose up sharply to stop my descent. I can hear the shrieks of the passengers as they experience a G-force that is supposed to be felt only in roller coasters, not in airliners. But I don't care about them. Actually, I do care. I don't want them to panic but I do want them to suffer. Because they deserve it. They all deserve it. The people in the North Tower, the people in the South Tower, they all deserve it. So do the people in the Pentagon, and in the White House.


Full power now, jam the throttles all the way forward as we pass the next-to-last waypoint, the arch at the north entrance to Washington Square Park. Even from the cockpit I can hear the terrible whine of the turbines as the blades go supersonic. What must the children and college students in the park be thinking? Have they ever seen anything like this before? Will they now acknowledge the righteous might of ... ... No. No time for that now either.


There is only time to wrack the aircraft around in a tight right turn and then to roll it steeply left again, pulling it around the AT&T headquarters building, the final waypoint, in a climbing left turn that takes me directly to the North Tower exactly as we planned, my nose at the level of the 85th floor, aimed upwards, my wings steeply banked so as to involve as many floors as possible in the fires of vengeance that will now cons

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This being NYC, when I get to my desk at 9AM I'm arriving a full hour before most other people. And we'll all leave an hour early too, at 4PM, because that's the way things work around here in the Big Apple.


The coffee I brought up from Starbucks smells really good. I'll just set it down on my desk here while I sit down in my chair and ... ... That's odd, from here on the 85th floor I can see all the way uptown and into Connecticut ... ... And I can see a big airplane out there ... and I've never seen one there before -- not up around Yankee Stadium -- not a big one headed south, not at such a low altitude. Oh well. ...


I'll just read the newspaper while I'm having my coffee ... Story about the Mets ... Another one about civil war in Afghanistan. ... Something about a scandal involving an intern in the mayor's office ... Something ... ... ...


Something catches my eye and I look up. It's really odd. That airplane looks exactly like an airliner, and it looks like it's coming down right about where Fifth Avenue would be. Wait till I tell the kids about this one. Half a mile to the west and it would be flying directly toward me. Oh well, I'll just watch. You don't get to see something like this very often.


Wait. Wait a minute. Something's wrong. Something's terribly wrong. The airliner is making all kinds of crazy manuevers ... ... And now it really is heading right toward me ... ... And I can hear the engines ... ...


And I can see the pilot's face for a moment, but only very briefly because the enormous nose of the aircraft is blocking my view of him and the nose is fifty feet away and the bow wave is blowing the windows in and I'm being riddled with glass shrapnel and here comes the nose and it's going to

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How about those Mets, Joe. Did you catch the game last night? By the way, hit 76 for me, will you? Thanks. As I was saying ... ...


... ... What just happened? Did you feel that? Did you hear that? Geez, I think the building's going to fall over. And the automatic car retarders took hold. Did you feel that?


Why is the ceiling on fire? Why is somebody trying to put the fire out with kerosene? I'm soaking wet with that smelly stuff. What's going to happen if the flames

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Don't be afraid, Amy, it's not going to hurt. Not like the fire hurts. And we'll be able to breathe again.


Just pretend it's a dream, okay? Hold my hand, it'll be just like flying. Time to go now.


See? Just like flying. Keep your eyes closed. I'm squeezing your hand as hard as I can and I'm not going to let go. Just enjoy the wind. Take a deep breath. Just enjoy the wind. Listen to the wind. It's such a nice

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You thought this thread was disrespectful but you are oh so very wrong. It is you who have trashed the victims and their families -- by disturbing the peace of this cemetery of words.


This being my blog and not the forums, I will say that you are clearly part of a huge problem called Political Correctness. You are unable to analyze (I already knew that) but you are also unable to read. When you see a red flag word you can only play the tape that you have been taught to play.


Who gave you an exclusive on the use of the term 9/11? Is it because you know someone who has a friend whose brother died in WTC2? What makes those families more special than the family of the army sergeant out of Fort Carson who recently threw himself on a grenade so that his buddies might live? Where are the foundations raising millions of dollars to put up a skyscraper museum in memory of this man?


Well, I have news for you. Most of my family died in the Nazi death camps, and there are people in the Middle East, and in Chechnya, and in Indonesia, and in a number of other places all around the world -- who want to wipe out the rest of my genetic heritage. It is in honor not just of we Americans but also of the people with whom I share a set of genes that I have these nightmares.


That's why I called the Israeli embassy, because I'm a very good shot and was all set to become a paramilitary sniper in the conflict that may still lie in our collective future. You see, Paxx, after they come for me they will be coming for you, again, even though you aren't Jewish. That's what I was writing about.


In relative terms the people of Israel, including the Arab citizens, face a 9/11 every week, sometimes every day.


How dare you come into this thread.

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