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FS98/CFS Auster A.O.P.9

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About This File

FS98/CFS Auster A.O.P.9. This virtual model represent the Auster # LB 375, RAF, November 1942. Includes new textures, moving parts and damage profile for use with CFS, with fictional armament of two 7.7 mm machine gun on the side windows, underwings "bazooka" and light bombs. This virtual model is up-scaled to obtain a better view in Combat Flight Simulator. (for accurate scale in FS98, replace the file auster-cfs.MDL by auster-cfs.old.MDL and rename this as auster-cfs.MDL) Does not include a panel. For more realism, you can use the PIPER_L4_CFS.ZIP panel. Original FS98 model by Mike Hill and Jerry Arzedorf. All reworked for CFS with moving propeller, new textures and damage profile by Edmundo Abad.

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