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FSX Scenery--Schleswig-Jagel

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FSX Scenery--Schleswig-Jagel. v1. Schleswig-Jagel AB (ETNS) is located in northern Germany near the town of Schleswig/Schleswig-Holstein and at the coast of the Baltic Sea. Schleswig-Jagel was home of the Marinefliegergeschwader 1 (Naval Air Wing 1) and is nowadays home of the Luftwaffe wing Aufklarungsgeschwader 51 "I" (Recce Wing 51 "Immelmann"). The base is still active. The package also includes the airport Kiel-Holtenau (EDHK civil and ETMK military). Kiel-Holtenau (ETMK) is the home base of Marinefliegergeschwader 5 "Graf Zeppelin" (Naval Air Wing 5) which deals in SAR matters with their Sikorsky Sea Kings MK 41. The scenery is done with ADE X 1.50 and objects from stock. Also included are shelter objects by Jim Dhaenens and with German style shelters, the tower and buildings by Malte Deja and Wolfgang Schroeder. It has parking and you can taxi everywhere as it was is real. By Uwe Steenweg.

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