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X-Plane Boeing 767-200ER CF6-80A AL

About This File

X-Plane Boeing 767-200ER CF6-80A AL. The new Boeing 767 family has arrived in X-Plane! After almost six months of work, the final products are starting to roll out into the world. The plane is a joint production between modeller Hiroshi Igami and the FSXP team. The plane is a conversion of the FSX model of Skyspirit 2010's B767 family. Currently, there are 34 models slated for release between now and the end of August. This model is the 767-200ER CF6-80A AL model. The livery available was produced by Philip Foglar.


The plane comes with a basic 12-page manual depicting how the plane is flown and several charts for when the plane is in flight. The plane features detailed animations to almost every part including gears, wing flex, flap tracks and interior mechanics, doors and sliders, full wing mobility and even ground services!


The flight model has been tested by a Boeing pilot to ensure that the plane can meet the operating abilities of the real plane, and detailed fuel guidance charts from the original FCOM have been provided within the plane. The plane also features a comprehensive panel which includes a near-full overhead and forward panels. Animations, flight model, model conversion by Michael Justin Chang. Normal maps by Peter Tram. Sound by Jerry Alexa Ng. MSFS original model by Hiroshi Igami. MSFS master paint by Philip Foglar. Manuals and data supplied by Warren Daniel.


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