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FS2004 Voice Pack Mods HM.14 Pou Du Ciel

About This File

FS2004 Voice Pack Mods HM.14 Pou Du Ciel. Voicepack modifications for the designer/manufacturer Henri Mignet and his model HM14 Pou du Ciel (Louse of the Sky) AKA the "Flying Flea". It was initially a very popular home built plane but had a serious design flaw, when the stick was pushed too far forward the craft could enter an irrecoverable dive due to aerodynamic interference between the aerofoils. After a spate of fatal accidents this caused the French Government to ground the aircraft until after wind tunnel tests occured and a design modification was made. The British however did not ground the Pou but only issued a warning to pilots about the fault and recommended that no steep dives are to be made in this plane. To be imported into FS2004 using EditVoicepack. By Mike Stallwood.

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