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FS2004 ATC Mods RAF BE2

About This File

FS2004 ATC Mods RAF BE2. ATC modifications for the Royal Aircraft Factory B.E.2 (the B.E. stood for Bleriot Experimental). The very first B.E. type the B.E.1 was designed by Geoffrey de Havilland and F.M. Green during the later half of 1911 supposedly based on the Vosin Biplane but the only major connection between them was the power plant a Wolseley engine, this however changed to Renault. The first B.E.2 flew in 1912 on the 12th of August also powered by a Renault engine. The first B.E.2 was delivered to the fledgling RFC in the February of 1913. The first aerial V.C. was awarded posthumously to Lt. W.B. Rhodes-Morehouse despite receiving fatal wounds while bombing the railway station at Courtrai managed to get his B.E.2 back to base on the 26th April 1915. Import into FS2004 using EditVoicepack (EDITVP31.ZIP). By Mike Stallwood.

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