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X-Plane 9.70 Ryan Firebee BQM-34A Have Lemon

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X-Plane 9.70 Ryan Firebee BQM-34A Have Lemon. Have Lemon was the name of a US Air Force test program / research for an armed Firebee, running from 1971 to 1979. The A being the first version in this program and as such derived from the BQM-34A airframe. The model comes in a number of alternative downloads and acf files. For the most common BQM-34A, the one with stab endplates, all combinations are supplied. The 'standard' model has the usual belly skid, whereas the 'wheeled' version has, unlike the real plane, a retractable landing gear. Then there's two options for the parachute; a larger MARS parachute (this stands for Mid Air Recovery System) for a slow vertical descent given the helicopter time to 'catch and reel in' the Firebee. Or a smaller conventional drag chute, to assist braking on a normal, horizontal landing. The model with ventral fin is supplied in only two combinations: Standard with Mars or Wheeled with drag chute. And for the sake of testing you also get the versions with uprated engines; but these come only as wheeled with drag chute. And last, all these (sub)versions are JATO equipped, for a simulated ground launch. By Pedro Van Leeuwen.

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