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FSX Scenery--Easter Island/Isla de Pascua

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FSX Scenery--Easter Island/Isla de Pascua (SCIP). This project rebuilds Easter Island / Isla de Pascua. Mataveri International Airport (SCIP) is completely overhauled, and all airport objects are aligned from satellite imagery. Landclass polygons and coastlines were meticulously hand-drawn directly from satellite imagery to provide the most detailed and accurate scenery available for this region. AI road and boat traffic is activated for the region. Accurate coastlines and road data, as well as corrected land and waterclass are provided based on the latest available satellite imagery. GA flights use default aircraft and include an option to add Chilean Air Force planes around the island. Numerous Moai (Easter Island heads) have been placed around the island according to satellite imagery. Scenery was created using Airport Design Editor X v1.61.5298, SBuilderX 3.13, and the FSX Object Placement Tool. Scenery objects were added and modified from stock FSX scenery to resemble as closely as possible the actual airports. The FSX apron lights included are from the set created by Jim Dhaenens. By Carlyle Sharpe.

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