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X-Plane 10 ENKR Kirkenes Airport Hoybuktmoen

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X-Plane 10 ENKR Kirkenes Airport Hoybuktmoen. This is ENKR Kirkenes lufthavn, Hoybuktmoen, Norway. The airport was originally built by the Luftwaffe in WWII to facilitate aerial attacks on the vital Arctic convoys between the UK and the USSR, but as of today, operates as a civilian airport. Requires 3D People Library (3D_PEOPLE_LIBRARY.ZIP), The Handy Object Library (THE_HANDY_OBJECTS_LIBRARY.ZIP), JB_Library (JB_LIBRARY.ZIP), OpenSceneryX (OPENSCENERYX.ZIP), European Vehicle Library (EUROPEAN_VEHICLES_LIBRARY_UWESPEED_1_01.ZIP), R2 Library (R2_LIBRARY.ZIP), RuScenery (RUSCENERY.ZIP), Flags of the World (FLAGS_OF_THE_WORLD.ZIP) and the RE Library (RE_LIBRARY.ZIP). Full description, including credits included in the download. By Robin Tannahill.

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