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FSX Scenery--RAF Kelstern

About This File

FSX Scenery--RAF Kelstern, UK. Opening for business in late September of 1943 the first Sqn to be based at the station was actually formed there (No 625) and became operational in mid October 1943 and was undertaking their first operational tour with 9 Lancasters bombing Hanover afew nights later. As with many RAF Stations, of the era, RAF Kelstern was placed on care and maintenance and finally closed in August 1946.The Station was sold off to various farmers during the 60s with very little left to show of an active airfield. The station has been given the ICAO code of EGAM as that code is currently vacant. Although the runways and peri track are pretty much as was, the tech and domestic areas although placed about the right location they are really included to give the station some body and appearance of an active airfield. By Terry Boissel.

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