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    • Well, talkin' 'bout the China Lake (talkin' 'bout the China Lake) Whoa, oh (whoa, oh), China Lake                                   - "Slightly altered" lyrics from the song "China Grove" by the Dooby Brothers Here are some random ramp shots of an F/A-18 at the Naval Air Weapons Station, China Lake, California.  The airplane is in the day glo orange, white, and black color scheme for Navy training, test, and utility aircraft and assigned to Air Test and Evaluation Squadron 31 (VX-31) - the "Dust Devils."  
    • After chasing ar0ound the Redbird site for a while I found this:      
    • A long time ago started using FSX to do boating rather than flying.  I found at that point that FSX did not have proper water contour and I found UTX for Canada and US.  I found it to be very close to real life in regards to contour for lakes rivers and channels.  Its main problem however was water levels.   I am talking about "water mountains" up to 150'  and sometimes dips and hills than can dip down 50 to 100' and then right back up in a length of 1/4 mile, in a river that is suppose to be level. I am thinking that doing some "scenery design", I can fix these spots, but the only thing I have manage to do, and this was quite a few years ago, was to use G max to model my own boat.   I have tried to look into the FS Devoper's section but end up being overwhelmed by the terminology being used. Bottom line: can I fix these problem areas and what programs would I need to start with.   
    • Leaving Thailand for points east...  
    • The old site is not coming back and features are being added on a regular basis. And yes, the old site had broken things.
    • Another great shot Rick!  Daydreaming is the great thing about FS.  I'll never get in an F/A-18 or have $4M to buy a Vision Jet but FS provides reasonable facimiles.  On the other hand,  if I win the lotto................................ 😀
    • How do I know if an aircraft download has a Virtual Cockpit before I download it? The old site let you VIEW the download and I could look in the Panel Configuration file in the download to see if there was or was not a VC before downloading. Will this new sight have this feature?  
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