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    • What he's asking is whether you have checked the settings in the sim to make sure nothing has changed. Sometimes an update will change a setting or two. Try removing everything from the Community folder, and then running the sim. Some add-ons need to be updated after a sim update and can cause problems until then. If this fixes the problem, add the add-ons back one at a time, or in small groups if you have lots, until you isolate the one causing problems.
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    • I've been at this since 1993.  Even so, you may be an adept, but I am not.  "ingame/insim settings" is utterly meaningless to me.  In any case, everything was OK before the update.  And of course I have many things in Community, but I had no problems before the update. And of course I've done a reboot.  Several. 
    • hsv, how far into the cockpit build are you? If you'd share a pic of what you have built or plans, it'd be easier to give  you some ideas. Best suggestion at the moment is to look online at actual cockpits, especially ones that are NOT high end corporate aircraft. A little more details and I'd be happy to offers some assistance.
    • Hi all   I have a full scale MD500e simulator with T shape instrument panel. I have  HSI. VOR1 and ADF instruments plus I have a stand alone wet compass The HSI is centered in the middle of my instrument panel  with the VOR1 and ADF bottom left  I'm using the default FSX se radio panel. I want to keep the hsi, but as for  the vor1 and adf which instrument should  I keep  I want to keep the sim more VFR than IFR
    • Something interesting to add, it appears I have an older version of the Working Title GNS430/530, which I am not sure how to delete. Not sure if this is causing my problem, but I would like to delete the older version (yes, I am going to install the newer one, lol) See attached image.
    • I would check to see if your ingame/insim settings have been changed.  Also, anything in the Community folder?  Have you done a reboot?
    • Two Thud drivers received the Medal of Honor. Speaks to the risks of this mission, to the strengths of the aircraft, and guts of those who flew her.
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