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    • Thanks for all the replies.   Your right, I don't need 60fps. Almost all my flying is in small bush planes, in and out of smaller airports or air strips.    The 10 -12 extra fps I got made a big difference, it was enough to get rid of the small amount of stuttering I had, mostly coming in to land over trees.      The rendering scale brought down to 75 changed the setting to 1920 x 1108 and the amd setting  did improve the sharpness. I think I'll try that and see what happens when I set the global rendering quality to high, I will probably have to turn a few setting down, but if I end up with even 5-6 more fps than I had before, I'll try to just leave it alone and enjoy it.    If i can pick up a 20% better GPU and another 8 gb of ram for a reasonable price, I'll do that. I'm 72 and this is my only hobby, nothing wrong with spending some money on yourself once in awhile. Thanks Guys.   
    • Thanks John. Will pick a good day to give it a shot and share my findings. It sounds too good to be true, so will see.  Cheers  
    • If I may, I'm not surprised your PC is having a hard time on 1440p. This sim is brutal to run on anything but the latest hardware.   That said, I'm reading between the lines that you, personally, don't need 60 FPS to enjoy the sim - neither do I. So for a solid 25 - 35 FPS on a combination of medium and high settings, I would try to find a slightly better GPU and get 8 GB additional RAM.   For a pretty good summary of how various GPUs fare with the sim, see this:  https://www.guru3d.com/articles_pages/ms_flight_simulator_(2020)_the_2021_pc_graphics_performance_benchmark_review,7.html   The above link goes directly to the 1440p benchmarks, but give the entirety of the article a read. It's quite informative.   All the best!
    • I purchased the Premium Deluxe version from the Microsoft Store. I always say, go big or go home! No regrets.
    • Thanks Larry.  Yep, it's kind of become my "go to" plane now.  One of the most realistic airplanes I've seen released for FS and really fun to fly.  I can see why there's a 7 year RW wait list to buy one even if you've got the $4M it costs!
    • Couple of nice ones Bill. You sure are logging some time on the Vision Jet. 😀
    • A fine series of shots Abel, very lifelike  - especially the last one.  😀
    • I've had settings change from time to time and I am/was positive that it was not me.  Not sure about the how, but I have seen it on my end.  Good a place as any to start 🙂
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