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    • Please forgive me and disregard my last entry.  I found how to view the entire aircraft. I just need to be patient and explore the site more thoroughly. I'm actually liking this site more and more each time I visit. Thanks for all your hard work.
    • Eventually, will we be able to see the entire aircraft in the picture of the aircraft download file and not just the mid section of the aircraft?
    • Use the FS9 forum here. I will admit this, if you are coming to FS9 now, it'll be more difficult to find all the add-ons. Some are simply gone or download links are dead. Members here may be able to help out with certain add-ons you cannot find. On the positive side, there are quite a few payware add-ons that have been released for free still available. I do also run a lot of payware in mine that is still payware. Have a play with FS9 and do some digging, ask questions in the FS9 forum. If you find you are not enjoying yourself you can always switch back to FSX.   Both FS9/FSX can happily exist on one drive. Install as you have suggested, C/FS9. Most importantly, have fun!
    • The Grumman F-14D Rick 😎  
    • Standard. It's what I played during the $1 trial. Didn't want to risk taxing my new system.
    • Many thanks for the info 🙂 Yeah, I wasn't sure which of the previous versions of MSFS had that 'feature'. I know that FS3-FS95 did, but I wasn't sure about FS98. Sounds like that MS removed it from FS98-FS2000, but may have re-added it to FS2002/CFS2.
    • Update:   Hello, fellow pilots, I have good news. I've resolved the issue. The problem was caused by a third party Vienna city scenery which was too heavy for system to handle, that's why it was only doing on LOWW. After removing it, I completed a flight (Warsaw - Vienna) with Fenix A320 and everything went smoothly, FPS were great, like on any other airport. There is still a bit of small stuttering, but it's totally flyable.  Anyway, I would like to thank you for your help, I really appreciate it. Happy and smooth landings. Cheers!  
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