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    • I'd like to see the FSX Screenshot forum moved to no longer be a subforum. The combined use of the same NEW flag and highlighting makes it awkward to determine which one has the NEW post, and I have no interest in following the screenshots.   Thanks
    • I just noticed that our profile Signature lines have disappeared? Being able to list what system we are running does help troubleshoot issues. Or am I missing where to add my sig in this new software?
    • An absolute MUST!!! Interestingly, we went through the same issues the VR goggles have, when starting to fly with night vision goggles in the '80's. We started with the full vision restricting goggle worn by tank crews. Then created "cutaways" by removing lower half of the frame so could see inside the cockpit, eventually going to just the NVG binocular tubes attached to the front of the flight helmet. Hmmm, wonder if can create cutaways with a cheap VR set?
    • WBSim/JPLogistics C152 version 2 released
    • JUST FLIGHT PRESS RELEASE - 26th January 2023 FS TRAFFIC – THE DAWN OF A NEW ERA FOR AI TRAFFIC! Populate your MSFS skies and airports around the world with a frame-rate-friendly fleet of the highest quality AI aircraft models, all featuring high definition livery textures, realistic sounds by Turbine Sound Studios, custom animations, custom visual effects and compatibility with MSFS ground equipment. The aircraft included range from small regional aircraft such as the Dash 8 and E190 to the narrow-body 737 and A320 and right up to the world’s largest airliners, the 747-8i and A380. You’ll also see the world’s newest and most advanced airliners such as the 787, A350, and A220 in your virtual skies. These aircraft can be seen in the air, taking off, landing, taxiing, and parking at airports around the globe! On the product page you’ll find all the details you need and the two videos shown there should help give you a good overview of how it all works. https://www.justflight.com/product/fs-traffic-microsoft-flight-simulator
    • Its already here, just be sure to add .zip at the end of the file name.
    • "As a result, I bought a larger 2k monitor and am considering going down the TrackIR route in the near future." I am a BIG fan of the economical GrassMonkey IR Tracking systems. Small company, great customer service. I run a 32" curved monitor and enjoy being able to also see my surroundings and keyboard...... AND my coffee cup- lol  Grass Monkey Caveat - I realize that MY PC hardware would never be up to the substantial demands of a real VR system even if I could afford one.
    • This is what that dropdown gives you, no edit function.
    • By clicking: A) "Discussions" tab, then B) Clicking "xxx Landing Page", then  C) "Latest xxx Files" will be the right hand column. Hope this helped.
    • Aerosoft's Mega Airport Amsterdam should work perfectly, maybe the installation has become corrupted? As a test, try disabling or uninstalling it and see if a flight from the default EHAM works.
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