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    • A great collection JK. ⭐⭐⭐⭐.  I agree on biplanes.  Coolness factor = 100%!
    • Why do I keep seeing "Sorry, you aren't permitted to download this file."  Does it mean that you have lost the links in the change, or are you blocking international downloads? I have also tried logging into the flightsimstore and cannot get a link to change the password, but I know that is a separate issue. This is all too redolent of the great avsim trainwreck. Changing formats to suit current software is one thing, but I would think that enabling downloading is a fairly fundamental thing to get right first.
    • In the meantime I reinstalled FSX from CD with the option "Repair" and the problem has been solved. Thanks for all the assistance.
    • Because the old site was broken. 
    • I can't even see an advanced search option. I'm hoping, as functionality is brought online, that the option will return. Meanwhile, in the search box, a space is used to separate terms so searching for complete B777 will pull up all instances of B777 and all instances of complete. If you want several words in a single term, use double quotes: "complete aircraft" B777 "complete install" B777 I think normal operators also work so complete AND b777 finds only files where both terms occur while complete OR b777 finds all files with 'complete' in addition to all files with 'b777' D
    • I have a regular laptop, hp620, although it supports graphics on high, I always value decent frames. I put it on medium, I click extend textures, textures and lights at dusk, I don't know why I feel satisfied with the graphics like that, is it just me? I think I value imagination more than graphics on high, even when I put autogen on maximum, I had a drop in framerates in which I prefer to keep my frames high. When I put it on the dense or normal setting (which I use), Complexity Dense (I use it that way too) it's light and very good.I like the 2002, I'm satisfied, I have along with that I have addons bought cheap on ebay FStraffic 2002 from just flight, abacus Airbus fleet and the A380. The frames are wonders this way.
    • You had a great site, this isn't worth the time to figure it out.  Can't understand why you "fixed" some thing that was not broken!  Sorry I'm gone! R
    • Just a random collection of biplane shots, biplanes are so cool I think.
    • nice shot, paintscheme is cool too
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