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    • 138kt Headwind! It's a wonder the little SF50 isn't just hovering!
    • HI! in the new site, how to find advanced searching in downloads catogories files?
    • Airbus A321 NEO Wizzair (HA-LVC) pushback, taxi and takeoff (short) at Alicante Elche Airport (ALC) with ATC audio included runway 28  
    • Check out the RW headwind and resulting groundspeed in the lower left corner of our Vision Jet PFD.  This could be some kind of jet record for slow ground speed! 😲
    • Thanks for activating the signatures, folks- much appreciated.  
    • Thank you - it's much better now.  
    • I enjoy that livery.  Great flight
    • Stage 18 22 Jan.  2023. From Johnston to Hawaii, Honolulu Airport (Distance 714 Nm) From the Johnston Atoll with a Tiger Moth and made a circle.  Another beautiful aircraft that is wonderful to maneuver but not for acrobatics or long distances.  So a short tour. With my Learjet 60 the last part to Hawaii, to AirPort Honolulu again with ILS etc. nice. There was not much to see along the way.  “Water World” is like flying at night, blue instead of black. Another small round of islands ”Iwan”, “Puuwai” and “Kauai” flew and clockwise to Honolulu. It was not in my Flight Plan this time, but they are nice and well-known islands.  So to the left. The island of O'ahu with Honolulu and the airports are very well known. The starting place of FS2004. (Like, coming Home) The link to Honolulu…. https://youtu.be/st5iRs_k0lo
    • Stage 17 Jan. 18th 2023. From Majuro Marshall to Johnston Atoll (Distance 1265 Nm) Made a round on the Marshall Islands from AirPort Majuro with a Pitts Special. Head east over the long ribbons from Majuro to the “Arno” Atoll.  Those long ribbons again. The Pitts is a wild stallion with a strange steering.  It has two speeds, first slow and then fast.  If you hold for a moment, it spins quickly.  So pay attention. The tank is also not too big and the fuel runs out quickly.  Practicing aerobatics is fun and difficult. Loops, rolls and an Immelmann are parts of it.  To see the world above you is something else. With my Learjet to the next destination, the Johnston Atoll.  A small rectangle. It is an airport that fits exactly on the island and in the Middle of Nowhere in “Water World”. Every small plane on his way to Hawaii has land here.  There is nothing else here…      The link to Johnston…. https://youtu.be/bOP7Q5ArLNI
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