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    • As far as I can see, there is no way to search a file by it's file name. I do hope there are plans to bring this functionality back. I run a website with links to freeware sceneries, many of them linking to flightsim.com. Unfortunately they are all broken now as they use the file names in the links.  So I hope the functionality to search by file name will come back.
    • Reinstating the alternative download link will be useful to a lot of us so, if you haven't already done so, it might be worth your mentioning this in the new software forum -- the site developers are more likely to see it there. D
    • Look for these dots, Rick!  Click and you will get a dropdown menu.  Upper right corner.    
    • Would be great to have the Latest Downloads (by date) list shortcut. AVSIM has Whats New button, very useful.
    • I borrowed a Quest2 for a week and found it fiddly to put on and take off with glasses, a bit of a pain to set up and the performance and quality of textures was not grreat either.  Furthermore, at times I felt quite sick (though people say you get used to it). As a result, I bought a larger 2k monitor and am considering going down the TrackIR route in the near future. The Reverb G2 is apparently a lot better, though quite expensive from what I've read. VR will improve in quality and price in time, so I will probably reconsider at some point.
    • I don't believe the number of downloads would be the culprit.   But now I remember that for downloads from the previous download forum page there were always two ways to initiate the download. The normal one with a hint to a second one in case the download does not start. I've always had to use the second option for a few years now. It was in the middle of the page, perhaps via a different internet address. That could be an explanation for the download difficulties of some users here. 
    • MAD1: How do you fix this text….? To a bigger letter … I am trying to make the best of this new Forum … Pixtures wil also follow …I Hope. I’m also looking in a Dutch.FS2004 forum. The best wil win … The link to the YouTube film is an other item . We will see. Cheers..JK
    • Stage 19 Jan 26th 2023. From Hawaii to Vandenberg (Distance 230 + 2044 Nm) In Honolulu first a tour with the legendary B-17 over O'ahu via the southeast corner to Kaneohe AirPort and back over the mountains via Ford Island back to Honolulu and Int.AirPort. My Learjet 45 was more fuel efficient than the L-60.  So it has a longer range.  And so I fly to the USA with my L-45. First refuel in Hilo Hawaii via the islands of Molokai and Maui. The crossing from Hilo to Vandenberg AirPort is quite boring.  Hours hang over “Water World”. The max. range became 2900 nm.!!  I was flying at Mach 0.71 and at FL380. The take-off and landing went without ATC (Also costs fuel).  Landed and still 1820 lb. in the tanks. This results in a consumption of 2.03 lb.per nm.  and so with 6000 lb. fuel, a range of 2900 nm.!!.  Welcome to the USA at Vandenberg AirBase. in California.  The next route?  Still figuring out.  
    • It makes no sense to put an older unsupported Operating system (XP,Win7,8.1 etc) on a brand new computer as the older operating systems are not optimized for new hardware, and there might be certain drivers that will not work. The above post from jgf is very relevant & works!! on my previous laptop , also windows 11, I was running 6 separate & unique FS9 installs, with no issues or conflicts at all. Regards, Robin
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