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    • It also helps you stay alive RW!  When we ferried a P-3B coast to coast in the '60s no one aboard had ever been inside a P-3 before.  Much less sat in the cockpit. We let the chosen take off pilots read the takeoff sensitive stuff before takeoff.  While others passed the manuals around to learn how to control fuel burn, proper altitude, etc.   And the two guys designated as the pilots to land us studied up on approach and landing.  It worked out fine.  Of course it did help that we had several manuals aboard and several hours between takeoff and the start of approach for everyone to study up on their assigned tasks. Michael  
    • That's the case with a lot of tail draggers.
    • Wim: Thanks for your reply. You are right Scansim was responsible for EKCH Kastrup X Airport Scenery. The author Claus Vendelboe Holmberg is actualy the woman you reffer to, I too was surprised when he went public, but his FS knowledge and the team he worked with at that time were very good. I believetoo now that the issue is an elevation problem, which I have no idea how to fix. PhrogPhlyer, thank you too for your advice I will heed it. Berlopez 
    • I always love the Connies!  Thanks for the reminder.   Michael
    • AIG Manager is pointing to the URL used by previous version of the flightsim.com software.  You'll need to post the issue to alpha-india because they will have to update the links in their traffic files.
    • Taking a look at the latest release from Burning Blue Design and also enjoying the latest update in the FlyingIron Spitfire  
    • It works fine for me going through just my ISP's connection, but when I connected my VPN through an Austrian server, I get a 403 error. Looks like there is an issue somewhere along the way for Austrian connections. Is there some sort of geoblocking or filtering going on?
    • I'm in the UK and a search of the FSX file library for "gipsy moth" returned 26 results (including one rogue tiger moth lol):
    • QUick question the old format allowed to browse up to 300 of newst files or so. That was quite handy for isntance when I came back form a trip or vacations and wished to check if there was any interesting new addons (regardless of the section). Is there anything similar in the new forum ? I notice the main page and each section page also has a "newest files " section, but it seems just a handful of files are there.   KR   Sergio 
    • Yes, enjoyed the ride! Highway traffic looks great too under 1000’!
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