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    • Thanks Bill. I was happy to find this early pre-avionics hump model. Sleek and classy. r/ Dick
    • There's nothing like the "Phabulous Phantom!" ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
    • Gentlemen, thank you for your comments. Interesting to say the least :), though I find  bothprotagonists Skywatcher and Skorna claims to be a touch extreme. Skorna, I cannot believe that 200fps is possible in FSX in ALL circumstances. Top payware jets at big airports in weather, with all parameters implemented?? - sorry, No. Skywatcher, , I have seen  that MSFS2020 running at 4K in same circs as above, i believe, on Youtube, on very high end computer.  Airbus on IFR flight. Looked great. Surely, FSX would run similarly on that computer. We are talking 64 bit computers here, so the 32bit VAS problem is no longer relevant, I think. In fact, I read somewhere that that is the big plus for using FSX Steam edition, its install does away with the VAS problem. ?    Not sure on that, maybe someone with FSX on top 64 bit computer could verify, or correct? I am aware of need for SSD these days. If I got a high end computer, Id go as high as commercially possible, water cooled SSD overclocked etc. Tirith, interesting comment of yours about MSFS able to fly as "study " simulator, and not necessarily is it Arcade only. Clearly some think it is. Have you flown it "as real". So many youtube videos show it being flown Arcade, outside view behind the plane, (is that X box flying?).  That, I don't want! What is the position with updates for MSFS.. Are they frequent, and reliable?  Is it clear when you have to get them?   Skywatcher..... Ive got FS9 sculling around somewhere.  Does it need internet activation, and where can I see the best of it.   ( I might dig it out:)  )   cheers again
    • I personally have not had any problems, however, it is not unusual after an update.  It is a pain to be sure 😞 
    • Great shots of an iconic bird Phrog and an intrepid solo flight.  
    • Here's where you can find your existing bookmarks in Microsoft Edge (other browsers are basically the same). To create a new one, go to the webpage you want to save, right-click on the browser favourites bar and select "Add this page to favourites" or press Ctrl+D.
    • Yeah, you have always had to switch to VLOC otherwise the aircraft will follow the GPS course, David. Once in VLOC, the aircraft can follow the course to the VOR ifs et or the ILS and glideslope. I usually set both GPS units to VLOC and make sure that the VLOC light above the panel is switched on. The autopilot behaviour has become odd though if changing altitudes in slew mode and has to be disengaged and reengaged. The GPS units have been improving overtime though I've not tried the G1000 recently. There are a few good videos on Youtube for those having trouble getting to grips with the Garmin units.
    • And where can I find such a bookmark?
    • Boeing 737 Norwegian (LN-NII) with a white nose taxi and takeoff at Alicante Elche Airport (ALC) with ATC audio included runway 10  
    • Thanks Rick. Lots of time to study the NATOPS manual, or read the latest Mad magazine. Also, this is exactly what the Pacific looked like anytime I flew over it. Lucky I guess. r/ Dick
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