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    • The livery matches the Armco- nice touch! Great shots and a great landing too.
    • Those are the default AI airliners, some AI traffic packages come with a fix which removes them.
    • Still awaiting an answer how this will be solved 
    • What are the strangely painted (camo?) planes without tail numbers or airline markings that appear in MSFS 2020?  I see them in both AI and Live traffic modes, but they appear to be more numerous in Live mode. See attached screen shot. Ken in Kansas
    • Thanks for that tip Mac. I don't have DC-3 time and haven't read the flight limitations, yet. Reading up more it seem that there are airplanes that are far easier to wheel land than to three-point, such as the Globe/Temco Swift, the Beech 18 and DC-3. The J-3, C-170, definitely did numerous 3-point and main wheel landings. If a pilot is not current, or does not have a lot of tailwheel time, and if there is not a strong or gusty crosswind (each individual pilot has to define strong), a three-point landing is usually the better way to go. There is less kinetic energy to deal with during the rollout, and flaring at the wrong height or making a hard landing is no big deal, so the pilot can concentrate on just one variable, directional control. It is the more conservative landing in most airplanes, and when in doubt, the conservative approach to dealing with a moving object is often the better one. I consider myself one of the lucky ones, no ground loop... yet? Here what the US FAA has to say about tailwheel transition per Airplane Flying Handbook (FAA-H-8083-3C),   https://www.faa.gov/sites/faa.gov/files/regulations_policies/handbooks_manuals/aviation/airplane_handbook/15_afh_ch14.pdf
    • I suspect this is a P3D question? AFAIK and to my regret AI Manager abandoned FSX. Wim
    • I recently installed Fred Zealor's excellent FSX KABY scenery.  I noticed that I have some flickering issues with two of the hangers as well as the green door on another.  The two hangers are directly in front and slight to the right of the Park 012 location.  The third one is off the left. Any clues on how to resolve this, or is a case of living with it?  I can do that, but if something can be fixed I would like to fix it. Thanks, Ernie
    • Good paint and some fine pics. of the Polish MiG.
    • You're right Biplanes are cool - especially in the winter!  Very nicely displayed! 😃
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