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    • By clicking: A) "Discussions" tab, then B) Clicking "xxx Landing Page", then  C) "Latest xxx Files" will be the right hand column. Hope this helped.
    • Aerosoft's Mega Airport Amsterdam should work perfectly, maybe the installation has become corrupted? As a test, try disabling or uninstalling it and see if a flight from the default EHAM works.
    • My IFR Flight starts with Schiphol Clearance Delivery and then hands over to Schiphol Ground to get taxi approval. Afterwards I contacted Schiphol Tower. I'm using the FSX Add-on "Mega Airport Amsterdam" from Aerosoft.
    • As far as I can see, there is no way to search a file by it's file name. I do hope there are plans to bring this functionality back. I run a website with links to freeware sceneries, many of them linking to flightsim.com. Unfortunately they are all broken now as they use the file names in the links.  So I hope the functionality to search by file name will come back.
    • Reinstating the alternative download link will be useful to a lot of us so, if you haven't already done so, it might be worth your mentioning this in the new software forum -- the site developers are more likely to see it there. D
    • Look for these dots, Rick!  Click and you will get a dropdown menu.  Upper right corner.    
    • Would be great to have the Latest Downloads (by date) list shortcut. AVSIM has Whats New button, very useful.
    • I borrowed a Quest2 for a week and found it fiddly to put on and take off with glasses, a bit of a pain to set up and the performance and quality of textures was not grreat either.  Furthermore, at times I felt quite sick (though people say you get used to it). As a result, I bought a larger 2k monitor and am considering going down the TrackIR route in the near future. The Reverb G2 is apparently a lot better, though quite expensive from what I've read. VR will improve in quality and price in time, so I will probably reconsider at some point.
    • I don't believe the number of downloads would be the culprit.   But now I remember that for downloads from the previous download forum page there were always two ways to initiate the download. The normal one with a hint to a second one in case the download does not start. I've always had to use the second option for a few years now. It was in the middle of the page, perhaps via a different internet address. That could be an explanation for the download difficulties of some users here. 
    • MAD1: How do you fix this text….? To a bigger letter … I am trying to make the best of this new Forum … Pixtures wil also follow …I Hope. I’m also looking in a Dutch.FS2004 forum. The best wil win … The link to the YouTube film is an other item . We will see. Cheers..JK
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