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    • Just put mouse on it and click.  Same to close it.
    • Glad to see most of the ole gang here. I'll reserve comment on the new software until the growing pangs are worked out.  It's obviously a step in a necessary direction.  Not sure if anyone has mentioned, but since most comments center around file searches and downloads, might I inquire as if there will be a mention of the file size in the top posting of the potential download file? Many patrons still have to judiciously manage their storage space.  Just a thought. As aged as I am, I found the site ultimately navigable and not as daunting as some would make it appear. The behind the scenes workers have a tremendous undertaking relocating the vast old "site". They deserve a break and some time. Remember, this software is new to them as well.. Blue skies...  
    • Ok, let's give it a new try...   So I looked for the old stuff from the "Cook Islands"...  Still no "zip-dive", no good screenshots (like before) and no satisfieing information about the files available.   Flightsim.com ist still totally worthless! Horrorable!   But... great with good download speed - but if you don't find anything to download - what's it worth it?   Dedl
    • I have the TM Airbus stick and just tried a flight with Autopilot and didn't have a problem when selecting Button 3, or button 4.  Button 3 for me is "Reset Cockpit View".  The A/P stayed connected. Just to confirm, when you Filter for "Assigned" and click to "Search by Input" and push your button 3, does it look something like this?  There is nothing else that comes up?
    • I entered the FlightPlan inside MSFS and it did not fly the transition. I still had two courses on the MFD.   Madmav24
    • Hi everyone. AIG says in their forum that i have to use tfs's model. If using their model would be an option i think they would have mentioned it in my post there. He says they may have to create a workaround in their next update if the file does not reappear 🙂 Strange that it should just vanish like that. It is the same with tfs333 and 346. Thx for all the suggestions guys 🙂  
    • I'm still having a glitch when I get to the transition at the airport. The aircraft will stay straight and not fly the 90 degree turn to the transition, I have to bring it back on course manually. Change the CDI over to the correct one for ILS. The hit autopilot and it will fly the glideslope. I have tried it with the teardrop HOLD and without. Same thing happens. There are two courses on the MFD. One straight to the transition without the waypoint with a nice 90 degree turn showing, which is does not fly. Then there is the course with the waypoint going to the transition, The course stops there. I loaded the FlightPlan from Little Nav Map so I am thinking that is where the glitch is.   Madmav24
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