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    • Jet fighter type cockpit, clamped to table for use. Compatible with MS FSX, FSX-SE, P3D, and MSFS2020 simulation software.  
    • thank you all for the replies I'll report back when I decide what to get. AD 
    • Worst case scenario...try it and see if it does.  Wouldn't count on it!  It won't automatically find FSX to install since it will be looking for FS2004.  Wonder if it will allow installing to desktop and then you manually place the folders?
    • Hello…Further thought on this… daft I think, but if you don’t ask….. I have the disc pack,of PMDG 747, Queen of the Skies for FS2004…….Can this be installed , somehow , in FSX. ….and work😀??
    • This isn't Windows XP we are using these days. It's Windows 10 and 11. Things don't work the same on these operating systems. When you run old software designed for the older operating systems, many things change as to how they will now work on Windows 10 and 11. It's very different to Win XP/7/8. As I'm only getting some tin foil, of which I certainly don't want some, I won't waste my time finding samples. I have showed this forum integrated graphics doesn't work. I have showed this forum how changing admin settings can stop other programs working. If this is not enough and you now need me to show you how changing all programs to admin will stop some of those programs working, sorry, you will have to just take my word for it based on the other things I have already shown. I honestly have better things to do.  
    • And you have a graphics card right?
    • Hi Windy, from an 'armchair pilot' in Australia. Whilst I only have 6 hrs solo in a Blanik glider in 1979 for real-world piloting experience, like many guys I enjoy flying vicariously through others, and always enjoy the 'old boys' stories such as yours. I think simming is not only beneficial during aging to keep the mind active, for someone in your situation it's no doubt useful for physical rehab.
    • Hi Joop, glad you had a good tour over the Torres Straight islands. Thursday Island is the main population centre up there. I've never been, would like to go someday (farthest north I've been in QLD is Cairns and Mareeba). So, you're on your way across the mighty Pacific. Good luck that you keep your feet dry and wings out of the ocean! Hopefully you'll post your stories and videos once this site meets your satisfaction.
    • I'm also using Gold/Accel, have had it for years and  had no issues until a couple of days ago,, therefore started posting, my arrows are still Yellow. Just tried again and exactly at the same point in the taxi, just before a turn they dissapear. Thanks for your help tonight, I'll continue tomorrow at some point and then T.G.I.F. Berlopez
    • Oh, wow, a new site! First seen today Fri Jan 27, a bit of a shock! Been offline re FlightSim since Xmas, busy buying a new house. Will take time to get used to it (and like most things, just makes me feel even older!). Best wishes Nels, as others have said, time to take it a little easier.
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