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    • I suspect this is a P3D question? AFAIK and to my regret AI Manager abandoned FSX. Wim
    • I recently installed Fred Zealor's excellent FSX KABY scenery.  I noticed that I have some flickering issues with two of the hangers as well as the green door on another.  The two hangers are directly in front and slight to the right of the Park 012 location.  The third one is off the left. Any clues on how to resolve this, or is a case of living with it?  I can do that, but if something can be fixed I would like to fix it. Thanks, Ernie
    • Good paint and some fine pics. of the Polish MiG.
    • You're right Biplanes are cool - especially in the winter!  Very nicely displayed! 😃
    • Great shots of the F-104. Beautifully done! 😃😃
    • Sorry mate but Ive never landed a DC3 in the 3 point attitude - ever. Dont know of anyone who did. The rudder doesn't have enough authority under 70 -80 kts. Best to aim for the end of the runway at 90kts level, 2300/20" and on touch down apply brakes and balance the elevator and fly that big tail down gently. I have a lot of hours on J3, Super Cubs and the Dakota. There are two types of pilot, those who have ground looped, and those who will. Thankfully my ground loop was gentle in G-ROVE at Glasgow. Cheeky bastard in the tower called me "Would you like to do a 180 and continue to the end of the runway- or can you taxi back to parking where you are !"... Had I been Dak' I might not be here to tell the story 🙂
    • I believe now because of a visual clue that the taxi issue is caused by an elevation issue. It being addon scenery. I say this because I notice that the Approach and Touchdown zones lights are above the ground.I searched in the net how to fix this and honestly it's beyond me. I have no idea how to use ADE to fix this and seeing as it's impossible to communicate with the authors,I find myself forced to change my default 
    • You might also try this link on alpha-india although I think that might only work with the previous flightsim forum software.
    • There's also the whole tailwheel vs trike landing discussion. Most landing with a tail wheeled aircraft are done on main gear, rudder for directional control, tail wheel settles as get slower, then rudder, rudder, rudder, until engines off in the chocks. Of course for short field landing a three-point landing is the best, slow sleep, lots of wheel friction, and don't forget gentle brakes, on/off/on/off.... Add a cross wind and this is not for the feint at heart. The more we make sim flying realistic, the higher the challenge and greater the reward. OK time to try a short field, over the trees, crosswind landing with a J-3 and then a DC-3. I'll let you know how it goes!
    • The Braniff Virtual Airways 2023 NASCAR TOUR is a series of flights following the NASCAR schedule. We will be flying the teams to each race. Most flights will originate at Charlotte since that is mostly center of all race teams. The legs will be round trip flights. Join us to participate in the fun!
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