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    • Great shots of an iconic bird Phrog and an intrepid solo flight.  
    • Here's where you can find your existing bookmarks in Microsoft Edge (other browsers are basically the same). To create a new one, go to the webpage you want to save, right-click on the browser favourites bar and select "Add this page to favourites" or press Ctrl+D.
    • Yeah, you have always had to switch to VLOC otherwise the aircraft will follow the GPS course, David. Once in VLOC, the aircraft can follow the course to the VOR ifs et or the ILS and glideslope. I usually set both GPS units to VLOC and make sure that the VLOC light above the panel is switched on. The autopilot behaviour has become odd though if changing altitudes in slew mode and has to be disengaged and reengaged. The GPS units have been improving overtime though I've not tried the G1000 recently. There are a few good videos on Youtube for those having trouble getting to grips with the Garmin units.
    • And where can I find such a bookmark?
    • Boeing 737 Norwegian (LN-NII) with a white nose taxi and takeoff at Alicante Elche Airport (ALC) with ATC audio included runway 10  
    • Thanks Rick. Lots of time to study the NATOPS manual, or read the latest Mad magazine. Also, this is exactly what the Pacific looked like anytime I flew over it. Lucky I guess. r/ Dick
    • Very nice flight and aircraft Phrog. And looks like good weather to take such a long flight! Rick 😎  
    • Aybody having trouble with their Mods after the MSFS Aircraft and Avionics Update  Jan 2023? BBeen having msfs freeze up when changing airport location. Removed all my mods and begann checking so far I believe the Global Ships might be hanging it up. Every time they do an update I have to fix more then they did to start with EVREY Time. I been flying the FS95,FS2004 and FSX so I am not new to issues. Of course the stuff you buy from them works right?
    • That's what keeps me flying FSX. To me it just gets better with age, or was that I think I get better with age? Who? Where? What were we talking about?
    • Imagine this happening with your new 6 month old car. You start it in the morning to go to work and there is a notice on the screen that your car's computer has been updated.  You start driving and your stereo comes on full blast and you cannot turn it down. It starts raining and your wipers no longer work.  You pull over and find out your door will not unlock and the power windows no longer work. You get towed to the dealer and are informed that they have already had over a hundred calls from people saying they are having the same problems.  Every time there is a new update, it changes my full screen setting to windows view.  This new update turned off the Online Functionality setting.  I don't recall anything like this happening with FSX.     Even with all the setbacks, I'm glad I upated to MSFS 2020.   
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