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    • Loading this "default flight"??  Is it maybe just a "saved" flight"?  You didn't actually make it your default flight, which will really screw things up?🤔
    • I just saw this morning that Carenado has released their PA28-181 Archer II for MSFS 2020, so for me this was a must have. I really wish they would sell their planes through stores like the FlightSim.Com store but they only sell through the Marketplace so I used that for the first time, finding the experience much more difficult that I would have expected. Eventually I actually did get a working airplane and took it for a first flight. Being intimately familiar with the plane I just hopped in, did the normal start-up procedure which worked just as it should, and did a flight between two very familiar airports, KOWD and KORE. The experience was remarkably familiar and the plane handled quite well.   My comparison is of course the classic DreamFleet Archer from the FS2002 era, where that is actually me in the pilot's seat: So here we are flying over Mount Wachusett in central Massachusetts: The "interior views" are far more adjustable than the default planes I've tried, giving some interesting view points! I finally made a nice landing on runway 14 at KORE: Looks like I'll be putting plenty of hours on this one.
    • Did you finally found it? And where? I haven't been able to find the "required" file. Not even at Avsim, BTW. In older version there where at least a link or an advice who released it.  Bernard
    • This is definately odd!  Loading this default flight, ku,kus' for as not to use another word Progessive taxi; Just tried again and getting to the same exact point the arrows dissapear, even in Slew Mode. wwhere I even tried moving back from that point and then ALAS! they reappeared! Then I moved forward and Goodbye Taxi Arrows.??? Then I loaded weather were I was assigned another Active runway and from gate to that active the arrows behaved ( Stayed On) Wonder if there isn't something amiss with this scenery addon ?   Berlopez
    • It is possible that the base file you are looking for is not there anymore or has been moved. I have tried to find the scenery libraries RWY12_1.ZIP  and EZ_1.ZIP to no avail. More things appear as the restructuring continues. Is every old feature currently available? No. Will most features return as the sites continues to grow? Yes. Will/does the new format have functionality that the old site did not? Definitely for me,
    • I search by: A) Clicking the "Popular Downloads" tab, then B) Clicking "Download Portal" or the more specific folder, then C) Putting my search word(s) in the Search box directly under the tabs at top. I hope this helps
    • The new format allows higher resolution pics. The lack of detail is the old small pics stretched to fit a large available size. All new uploads have very detailed pics, and as the upload owners add new larger pics, those will be better. This is a self correcting temporary inconvenience.
    • I don't think the default carrier has such a feature (BTW there are more than one carriers - google the phrase -FSX carrier locations' this will give you info on their locations... I also don't think the carriers that are provide via the TacPack have the function either.... There are a number of freeware carrier addons that add additional carriers (and that TacPack can use) - one of the better ones is AICarriers, a google search should find it but it available here in the library at flightsim (note you may find multiple versions of this  app the best to get is the .net version (IIRC the file name for it here at flightsim is AICarrier.net)... There are also some payware stuff out there but whether they offer such functions as moving lifts I don't know.... 
    • Im trying to find the library quick searching in this new site in Flightsim. For example searching for text or file names as the old site Flightsim?
    • I did that, but nothing appears. I searched only for "TFS" instead of "tfs332.zip", it's ok, but really arduous.
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