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    • I held on to the FSX disks for ages but had all my other games on Steam. When FSX:SE appeared I jumped on it and tossed the discs. That was my last game with DVDs and I cant imagine how I tolerated those fragile shiny things!
    • By the way, with this new site..where or how do I search for a complete aircraft download? Unlike the old site, this new one does not have the complete aircraft check box on the advance search.
    • Excellent guidance, sim or real. Use progressive taxi only if absolutely cannot figure out yourself, of if get terribly confused. At EWR they will put you in a penalty box (part of ramp area north of terminal complex) if ground thinks you're getting in the way). NOT that I was ever put there for 45 minutes cough cough
    • Like I think I explained before, I had an addon scenery for de Gaulle that did the very same thing.  Probably an elevation issue along the taxi way that causes the progressive arrows to diappear.
    • I was able to find Denmark Scenery 1.4 at "the other site" (filename denmarksceneryforfsx1.4.zip). At first glance, it enhances lots of Danish airports but it adds nothing to Kastrup. Scansim was a one woman project (found it on Facebook), and that's a dead end. I suggest finding another addon for Kastrup, or abandon "progressive taxi" and use charts for taxiing. EKCH isn't that complicated after all: 95% of departures is 04L/22R, both accessed via taxiway A.  IIRC FSX ATC Ground won't bother if you don't follow their instructions by the letter, as long as you get to the correct runway. Wim
    • This is so true for all the sim aircraft we fly. Understanding the procedures and limitations of the real aircraft let us fly the simulatoed on in a more realistic manor. Also, just visited the OVA website. Great work being done there.
    • Here it is:   Other AI aircraft with current links can be found here: https://ai-flightpaints.weebly.com  
    • The two primary ways to purchase MSFS are the Microsoft Store or Steam. Both are online digital stores for games and other software, and neither require a subscription. The advantage with the Microsoft Store is that it allows you to install the sim on both a Windows PC as well as an Xbox Series X or S console. Many people already had Steam accounts, so it was easy to buy one more game or sim from it. Microsoft does have a subscription option, Xbox Game Pass. This can be useful as you can sign up for the first month for only $1 and try any of the available games, including MSFS. After that you can either keep the subscription if access to the other games is worth it for you, or cancel and buy the sim outright. https://www.xbox.com/en-US/xbox-game-pass/pc-game-pass MSFS is heavily dependent on the internet, so not having your PC connected is going to remove some of the major reasons for using the sim, such as the photogrammetry and streamed scenery data. Also, I've had trouble running the sim offline in the past as well whereby it forgets that it was authenticated and refuses to run.
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