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    • Yes, it's easy to do. Move your simobject folder to the other drive and then create a hardlink in the FSX root folder. Installing a new aircraft will be automatic installed on the other drive. Search Google for create hardlink. there is a programm that helps you to create it easily.
    • Yes, I thought this was really clever for something so simple. The usual cockpit views don't move very far, but in this plane you can go out on the wings or above or below the fuselage. Makes for some interesting perspectives!
    • Nice well rounded selection of aircraft. Well done.
    • Screen Shot offerings for the New Screen Shot pages.  Small aircraft flights here and there:) Ron  
    • I also tried abilene.zip with no success, however when I searched abilene I found it right away, Not sure why the search sometimes works with or without the .zip. Could be that the search is for text fragments within the body each page, not the file?
    • That is correct f16jockey_2 The site is definately closed and the subsite resposible for the scenery as well, I have used them for years and know them well. This particular file is still available it's called: Denmark Scenery 1.4 and the airport scenery is from scansim who I just tried to write to but came back undeliverable!? I guess the one rellied on the other and they both went AWOL I havehad these files for years by now, I have saved the activation codes and have had the fortune to mnage to activate ntil then...But now with them having gone AWOL they don't even respond to an e-mail it comes back as a 404
    • Pretty sure there is. Probably an disconnection somewhere in the taxiway maze. If I understood well, the developer went AWOL, so you can't give us a download link? Wim  
    • A refreshing set of alternate views Nels and they look great in FS2020! 😃
    • I lika the paint scheme JK - nice shot as well!  😃
    • Do you make every new flight you create your default flight?  Just my opinion, but I think that causes issues down the line.  Sorry you are having all of these problem! 😕 While Google searching this loss of progressive taxi, I came across a topic on the Microsoft FSX-SE site with another person with the same problem.  He downloaded and installed an addon airport that did not exactly match the elevations of the default airport he was replacing, and the taxi arrows were actually under the taxiway!
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