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    • A long time ago started using FSX to do boating rather than flying.  I found at that point that FSX did not have proper water contour and I found UTX for Canada and US.  I found it to be very close to real life in regards to contour for lakes rivers and channels.  Its main problem however was water levels.   I am talking about "water mountains" up to 150'  and sometimes dips and hills than can dip down 50 to 100' and then right back up in a length of 1/4 mile, in a river that is suppose to be level. I am thinking that doing some "scenery design", I can fix these spots, but the only thing I have manage to do, and this was quite a few years ago, was to use G max to model my own boat.   I have tried to look into the FS Devoper's section but end up being overwhelmed by the terminology being used. Bottom line: can I fix these problem areas and what programs would I need to start with.   
    • Leaving Thailand for points east...  
    • The old site is not coming back and features are being added on a regular basis. And yes, the old site had broken things.
    • Another great shot Rick!  Daydreaming is the great thing about FS.  I'll never get in an F/A-18 or have $4M to buy a Vision Jet but FS provides reasonable facimiles.  On the other hand,  if I win the lotto................................ 😀
    • How do I know if an aircraft download has a Virtual Cockpit before I download it? The old site let you VIEW the download and I could look in the Panel Configuration file in the download to see if there was or was not a VC before downloading. Will this new sight have this feature?  
    • I guess it needs a spell checker also? 🤪
    • Fully agree, all fluff and no substance please bring the old one back, perhaps with a new skin, biu it did the job very well.   I can't download some files any more and I can't find my way around, such a shame. Perhaps an attempt to immitae another site which has failed very badly   Typical if it ain't bost don't break it.
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