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moving pop up window

skip d

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Hiya guys...

I have an FMC (isg1 SMITHS) that is currently in 'position=2' (top right) in my panel.cfg.

I would like to move it 2 inches left. I know it can be dragged to that position....but if it can

be done permanently so whenever I hit Shift+8,it will be in the new position.

Can this be done ???

Thanks for any help.

Skip d

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What does the panel.cfg look like showing the window for the FMC?


Sorry I can't send a screenshot....I forgot how to do it !!



Background_ color=0,0,0









That's it....can anything be done other than the 9 positions ??


Skip d

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Enough is shown! Is this FMC a download from this site? I'll look around and see if I can download it and look to adjust position. What aircraft are you using?


I see the FMS is payware. I might try with a freeware FMC.


Just looking at the freeware Honeywell FMC and it's [window.xx] in the panel.cfg:

Looking at the numbers in red, this is how positioning is done without the standard positions. You would use your numbers for size_mm=, gauge=,window_size-ratio=, and adjusting the numbers for window_pos=, also window_size=, also everything in gauge00=.


Just trying to think about things...Maybe pos=2 is a starting point and window_pos= is a fine tune adjustment??








ident=GPS_PANEL // change if you keep your GPS window

window_size= 0.255, 0.475

window_pos= 0.745, 0.520


gauge00=HoneywellFMC!fmc, 0,0,325,512

Edited by mrzippy

Still thinking about a new flightsim only computer!  ✈️

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