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Everything went missing?


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I opened my FSX with Acceleration this evening and went to saved flights, everything is missing. See attached I saved a flight just so FSX would open correctly. (See attached) Any ideas what would cause this and is there a fix, all tutorials that came with pay ware aircraft also went missing.
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Is Van Nuys your default Flight that you just created? So, you lost all other saved flights? Did you actually lose any aircraft or other Tutorials/Missions?


What's in your Microsoft Flight Simulator X folder in My Documents? You should see your new Default Flight (Van Nuys) and any other saved Flight Plans, along with your logbook.bin.

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Still thinking about a new flightsim only computer!  ✈️

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Hello westway,


Same advice as Mr Zippy,


The list of saved flights that should show when the "Load" button on the Freeflight panel actually come from the C:\Users\yourusername\Documents\Flight Simulator X Files folder.


In Win7 it is called "My Documents" but the filepath is .....\Documents\Flight Simulator X Files

In Win10 it is called "Documents" and the filepath remains .....\Documents\Flight Simulator X Files


I would check this folder location to make sure you have a list of .WX .FLT .PLN .FSSAVE files + Logbook.bin file with filenames indicating the flight location or saved name for that flight.


I have about 400 saved flights in My Documents ...Documents\Flight SimulatorX Files creating about 2,221 files including Logbook.bin, you may have more/ or less but there should be a number of files from your previously saved flights in that folder.


Have you changed the name of this folder or path


Have you tried using the TweakFS Registry fix tool to confirm these paths are correct.


The default Freeflight ie; (Ultralite Trike out of Friday Harbor) Is named with these 3 files

KFHR Friday Harbor PNW.FLT (Aircraft type & View point, Aircraft configuration)

KFHR Friday Harbor PNW.FSSAVE (Parameters Season Time Date)

KFHR Friday Harbor PNW.WX (Weather)


Unless you have changed the Default flight such as you have, your new default flight (VAN NUYS with Yellow Piper Cub)

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I now realize what I did in the light of a new day, I deleted the FSX folder in my Documents file. What a "STUPID" idiot I am. I went to my WD Smartware backup to retrieve the folder however that's not going o work as it appears I have to retrieve ALL the backup files. I'm just a very old man who made a bad decision.
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Hi westway,


Oh dear, don't beat down on yourself though, first thing to do is check your recycle bin if you have not emptied it recently, check for the folder/s mentioned above or the files and choose to restore them to the original location. Hope we're not too late.


If the Recycle bin has already been emptied....

I'm sure you don't need to restore the whole backup with WD Backup software but go directly into the folder tree of your WD external drive, find the folder copy and paste it back to the original location.

I also have a WD Essentials external drive for backup, although I nolonger use WD backup facility I still retain an old Smartwarestore backup though my files won't help your in situation because these are my personal saves, the thing about WD smartware store Folder is that you can copy the folder containing the missing files back to the original location as in the example below.


O:\WD SmartWare.swstor\Your PC-NAME\Volume.a288303d.81b2.11df.8857.806e6f6e6963\Users\yourusername\Documents\Flight Simulator X Files

or some similar folder tree naming on your WD external drive.

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