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Mesh/Scenery/Global Terrain Packs??????


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Hi I'm new to FSX and any flight sim programs. Advertised on the site tonight was a Photo Real Packs for global terrain upgrades.


It mentioned that update your mesh first? also then it stated that the usa already has std as the default setting, so does that mean that I

have FSX standard I have the USA mesh standard already so no need to download any mesh for the USA?

So if there is an area that the Photo Real Packs have that I'm interested I don't need to worry about the mesh?

My nest question is won't it depend on your computer and graphics card how it will show these scenery packs and is there aome

minimum needed to run these upgrade packs?


I am looking for suggestions on what I need or best way to upgrade the visuals and after reading the mesh guide at least I understand why its so clear around the aircraft but if I'm looking in the distance for an Airport I might not see it until much closer.


Any help in selections or what has worked best is greatly appreciate.





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