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Flight plans downloaded

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Put these files from the download into whatever folder TTools is using for Source Files. If you haven't used TTools before then you'll need to set that up from within TTools.






Have a read through Aircraft_BRW_Fa86_WesternAirlines.txt to be sure you have all the appropriate aircraft installed. Check in your installed plane's aircraft.cfg that the title matches exactly the plane listed in Aircraft_BRW_Fa86_WesternAirlines.txt.


If you don't have the required plane then you can substitute an already installed plane by editing Aircraft_BRW_Fa86_WesternAirlines.txt. The bit you're looking for in aircraft.cfg is Title= {this text}


If you do have the plane installed but the names don't match then you can edit the entry in either file but I'd advise editing Aircraft_BRW_Fa86_WesternAirlines.txt because altering the aircraft.cfg may have repercussions if other AI traffic uses that plane.


Open TTools and hit the compile button.


The new traffic bgl will be created in whatever you selected as the Traffic Files folder. Drop it into an appropriate scenery layer and go plane spotting.



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