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Returning an animal home.

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A relative had sent their dog into a specialty surgery out of state which was successful. Now Bowen needed to get home. After picking him up from stabilizing after surgery we performed pre-flight checks on my Arrow after stowing the luggage and the dog.




With filled fuel tanks, IFR flight approved, we began the taxi to head north.




That windsock promises crosswind takeoff!




With this unpleasantness Buncombe County still has not gone back to it's full and busy flight schedules.


Cleared for takeoff! Asheville Regional Airport to Elmira Corning Regional Airport. 555 miles.





ATC has us climbing to 7000 for now, expecting 10




Light chop - hope these hills don't whip that air up!




PIREP's gave a smoother ride up here so ATC gave us 11- not too bad and the dog doesn't mind. (Thank goodness he likes that elk antler bone!




Keeping my fuel consumption down has paid off and we're in smooth skies for the most part.




Never enjoyed any hill in the dark with my plane - my IFR certification was one of my first things to do after getting my PPL!




Fortunately the dog has slept most of the flight. The skies aren't overcast for once.




The lights below are Corning- headed east now!



Continued in reply.

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Elmira was one of the northern prisons in the American Civil War. On a lighter note gliding aficionados from all over enjoy the nearby Harris Hill. National Soaring museum is fun.




I'm ready to land! The onboard lavatory is not the best....




That 737 ahead left some nasty wake turbulence.




Have to stay focused!




Headed to parking to shutdown and get this puppy home!

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Well done! I enjoyed the shots and story as well. Very nice flight! :pilot:

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Glad you got down OK!!! And yes, I know about facilities or the lack thereof in many planes!! A "Pilot Relief Tube" which we had wasn't something you want to use ever!!!! But, much to my chagrin, I have a few times! :eek::eek::eek::eek:


We didn't have females in the cockpits or even in the choppers back then. That'd be a whole new issue.



Being an old chopper guy I usually fly low and slow.
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Blair - Dogs usually make very good passengers in airplanes and boats! I used to fly skydivers and the owner of the plane had an English Setter, named Pokey, and Pokey didn't much care where you were going, as long as he was right there with you! I used to get a kick out of him, he'd sit in the copilots seat and just look straight out the front, as if he was there if you needed him! No complaints ever from Pokey!


Anyway, Blair, glad the dog is home and I am sure he/she is too! Always feels nice when you can help out like that!


Nice flight and thanks for sharing with us!


Rick :cool:

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Actually I just received a copy of AOPA magazine and it includes an article with exactly the same theme. A woman flew a few hundred miles each way to get a dog from a shelter.



Being an old chopper guy I usually fly low and slow.
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