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FSX SE Instant Scenery 3 why not?


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This year I was finally able(moneywise) to get FSX SE and I have now set it up to my satisfaction. I'm 'utterly happy' with it.

I7 6700K GTX1050TI4G 16G-DDR4 SSD500G no joystick, pedals

C:\Steam\Steamapps\Common\FSX\...... , Flyawaysimulation FreeMesh, UTX USA EUR CAN AK PAC ASIA , FsceneX

There's just one thing I would like so much to do: that is: add some default static FSX objects myself into smaller airports.

Something like FS9 LAGO FSSE. I've tried sofar to setup and use : FSX Object Placement Tool , ADE , Whisplacer, SAMM,

But sofar I've not been able to put 'one single small object' anywhere in the sim. I'm embarrassed , I feel dumb..............

Last week I bought : Flight1 Instant Scenery , The Product Page and Youtube clips made me decide to buy it and the manual

looks not to difficult for me. As with all the previous programs I tried before this, I simply cannot get the setup of IS3 to

create a menu entry in FSX, During install I checked both my FS9 and FSX for IS3 to install in. FS9 installed completely by

itself , the path was taken from the registry , no problem it works.

Install in FSX seems as easy, but when I start my FSX an error message comes:

Flight Simulator has detected a problem with 3rd Party Software etc............... When I click [Yes] to proceed FSX

crashes, when I click [No] FSX works but then without IS3. I've been trying several options for a week now but without succes.

Maybe it is a security issue, is the file: flt1chk4.dll supposed to be in: C:\ProgramFiles(X86)\Instant Scenery 3 Folder or in Name/appdata////FSX or somewhere else.

Is XML.DLL supposed to look like this: (I also have FSX LVD767)







Level-D Simulations





Instant Scenery



C:\Program Files (x86)\Instant Scenery 3\InstantSceneryFSX.dll


I did a Steam FSX Integrity test , Steam corrected some appearant issues in my FSX but the fault remains.


This is the relevant : Name\appdate\roaming\\\\\ Instant Scenery Log


2020-07-01 19:30:58.894 C:\Users\Peter Bootes\AppData\Roaming\Flight1\Instant Scenery\OnlineVersionUpdate.dat

2020-07-01 19:30:58.894 E221

2020-07-01 19:31:18.768 FSX directory: C:\Steam\steamapps\common\FSX

2020-07-01 19:31:18.768 FSX version: 10.0.63003.0

2020-07-01 19:31:18.768 C:\Users\Peter Bootes\AppData\Roaming\Flight1\Instant Scenery\OnlineVersionUpdate.dat

2020-07-01 19:31:18.768 E221

2020-07-01 19:31:18.770 h=EB620000 EBD40000 EBE48850 EB664A70 EBBF0000 EBBFEDC0 EBAD0000 EBB71520 EBB82530 101 6B3A3678 EB17A190


could anyone read this and give me an advice how to correct this




Maybe this is a correct error LOG , though I myself would not know where to look here for a solution



- 21:35
























I read on the many Flight1 posts that it does work in FSX SE but I just can not duplicate the corrective actions in these posts.

Is there anyone able and prepared to help me a little in getting my IS3 to function , for any advice I thank you in advance.

regards Peter

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5 5600x - 3060 - 32GB - M2 - WIN10 - FS8/9/X - MSFS
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I read on the many Flight1 posts that it does work in FSX SE but I just can not duplicate the corrective actions in these posts.

Is there anyone able and prepared to help me a little in getting my IS3 to function , for any advice I thank you in advance.

regards Peter

Flight One seem very reluctant to go back to developers to fix things for compatibility with FSX-SE.


These instructions certainly work with the Demo version, so I feel sure they will work with the full version too:



Follow the instructions in the third post.


Note that this description suggests the files are DLL files. They are not - they are text files written in XML markup language. You should edit them in a plain text editor - Notepad will do.


The final post seems a bit garbled to me, but I think what it is saying is a reminder to "show hidden files" which you can configure through the Windows Control Panel. I also recommend un-ticking "hide extensions for known file types" too, if you haven't done so already.


Let us know how you get on.





My co-pilot's name is Sid and he's a star!

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hello John, first of all : thanks for your reply. I'm a positive guy, only this year I was (moneywise) able to get a PC that could run FSX SE. I installed it in : SSD C:\Steam\Steamapps\Common\FSX\....

I7 6700k GTX1050TI4G 16DDR4 SSD500G

I have Flyawayscenery Free Global Mesh, UTX USA CAN EUR AK Pac Asia and FSceneX.

I'm absolutely happy with my FSX, I have all sliders between 80% and Max, I have NVidea Config all options: Max Performance except: AA which is 8 and refreshrate Vsinc = adaptive/half.

In FSX I have allmost constant 30fps except for the bussiest airports in QW B757.


I come from 15 yrs FS9 , I had LAGO FSSE in FS9, a wonderfull program, every airport or airfield I came, first thing I did was : pimp it up a little with FAGO FSSE. I've learned that adding only a few

objects ( Fence, trucks, Lamp-pole few static aircraft) is enough to bring some life into most of the smaller, less detailled airports. I have my FSX working now, only this last step I cannot make.

Setting up IS3 is 'a piece of cake' Right-click the installer, let it install into : C:ProgramFiles(X86)

The InstallModule comes up afterward; my path's to FS9 and FSX are taken from the registry so they

are correct. Click : Add Module to the sims and the : Name\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\FSX :XML.DLL

is correctly filled.


My FS9 works perfect with [instant Scenery] menu item added !

But then when I start my FSX I get the error messages: which say in short: The Add-on program Instant Scenery 3 is not compatible with my present version of FSX Steam.

I downloaded the latest IS3 v. 3.07 from Flight1 . There is an incredible amount of forum posts on this subject in Avsim , Flightsim , Flight1 , FSInsider , FSDeveloper, Steam and some more. Most of these posts identify problems like.:

- Installed in wrong folder

- XML.DLL wrong place or content The Installer creates a folder: Name\\\\\Microsoft\ FSX SE and puts

the XML.DLL there, while it should be in Name\\\\\\\Microsoft\FSX I copy/paste'd it there. no


- show 'hidden files' not ticked

- run Install Module twice.

- press 'Check online button'

- uninstall and reinstall time after time etc etc


I've tried every suggestion I came upon but my FSX crashes after Installing IS3 or to say more

precisely : My FSX crashes when it reads the XML.DLL , When I put two [ // ] before the

Instant Scenery line(s) in the XML.DLL then my FSX does not crash but off course IS3 is then still not added. I just cannot figure it out; where is the problem? what is missing? what file is missing or misplaced?, what (CFG or DLL) entry is wrong? Before my last attempt I completely switched-off my Norton IS., again I selected all FSX files and related files to be excluded from Virus scans, again to no avail. If I may ask, John, have you got it working on your machine? If so could we discuss some

setup details then, thanks in advance. stay well, regards Peter











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5 5600x - 3060 - 32GB - M2 - WIN10 - FS8/9/X - MSFS
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Hi Peter,


Thanks for your reply.


Yes, I do have the Instant Scenery Demo running fine and I created some test scenery with it yesterday. My overall situation is much like yours - I am a recent convert from a long adherance to FS9. I have found that several utilities (including some commercial ones) do not seem to work with FSX-SE as they date from before SE was introduced and have never been updated for compatibility. I also have Norton Internet Security and on principle I never turn it off to install anything despite vendors gleefully telling you to do so.


What you are experiencing is clearly not do do with whether the add-on appears in the menu system then. So I am trying to think of other differences between your setup and mine.


The only other thoughts I can offer are as follows:

  1. From https://www.flight1.com/products.asp?product=iscen3
    System Requirements / FS Version Compatibility
    MICROSOFT FLIGHT SIMULATOR X / 2004 / Lockheed Martin P3D (1.x, 2, 3)
    Windows 10 (may not install on other operating systems)
    Processor - 2.8 GHz
    Memory - 1 Gb RAM
    Hard Drive - 2.7Gb
    Video Card - 256 Mb

    I don't think you have said what operating system you are using but I can say that despite what is said above I found it installed on Windows 7 without issue. That being said, both my FSX-SE and the Instant Scenery demo are on a completely separate drive to Windows which may have an effect. I also use "Run as Administrator" for FSX-SE.
  2. Although you say that your FSX is not installed under Program Files, it looks like your Instant Sceney is? Have you tried installing it elsewhere?
  3. On pages 7 and 8 of the manual (assuming the manual with the demo is the same as the full version) there is a section concerning installation with Windows 7 and Vista which may be pertinent in your circumstances.


Beyond that, I am out of ideas I'm afraid.



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corecshuns too speeling erras



My co-pilot's name is Sid and he's a star!

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