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A positive look at Microsoft Flight Simulator.

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There have been a number of issues reported with the sim but overall I have to say I am really happy with it....... took a flight today up to 6000 feet and was between cloud layers and watching the sun poke through the upper cloud and shine on the cloud beneath.


I also had AI maxed out and enjoyed seeing the lights of the different AI during the flights I took.


With FS2020 what I did was set the mode to offline mode so I had the default scenery ...... but set clouds to epic.

I did a couple of flights increasing the quality of the graphics as I went so they looked good on my laptop.


Then I got my copilot to take off from Sydney on a short flight and enjoyed the flight as a passenger. One thing I learned was I need to be the one to land the aircraft as the copilot performed a really bad landing and almost put us through the runway.


Problems I encountered were no sound in the flight sim using Bluetooth headphones and the problem with brakes and rolling down the runway to takeoff..... but got those resolved.


This is a far different flightsim to fsx and P3d and the bugs will be fixed. What people need to do is to start small and work through things one at a time.


I am now at the stage where I am ready to start development work on the sim. However, even though I have set developer status on I have not been able to download the SDK from the developer menu yet. I click on the option to download the SDK but nothing happens.

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In one of the latest reviews posted here at Flightsim.com titled “Indiafoxtecho Mini Review Of MSFS” noted that: "the sim as a traditional "scenproc" scenery underneath the photo real one, so you can play offline. It is pretty good...but not much better than the P3D", which sounds like the sim mode you were using.


I went online (at YouTube) to find what the online sim world really looks like when you are flying over a part of the world where the “eye candy” was not hand crafted. I wanted to see what the vast majority of the world looks like using just the online AI 3d photo scenery engine creates and found this to be the result. Have also seen this sort of scenery being generated?


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