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Retrieving ils (vor/dme etc) in flight

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When I fly from A to B I prepare myself by getting the frequenties for an ILS landing.

On a simple airport I could write down the frequenties for both sides of the runway, but on on the more complex airports this make no sense.


When ATC assigns another runway then expected i'm stuck. How do I get the ILS data 'in flight' ?



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It is in the G1000 assuming that you are using a G1000 aircraft although i find it easier to use my phone to google....."Gatwick ils frequencies"


I am not sure that Asobo have modelled the G1000 to that depth either.





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I asked this question on another site - the answer of many people is "You Can't" - I use Navigraph (connected to Sim by NaviLink), which requires a subscription. I also use the Airnav website and type in the airport ID and then click on the chart line for the approach I want.
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I keep my Ipad handy on the computer desk, just Googled ILS frequencies for Gatwick and get scores of results. (110.90 in point of fact for 08R and 26L). Will probably jot down in a notebook for the most popular airports I use.


It is an omission, given the info could be fetched from the map in earlier versions, but hopefully something that will be added.

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On the World Map (Create a Flight Plan) screen in the main menu, choose your aircraft and weather, then select your Departure and Arrival along with your chosen ILS approach. Look at the Arrival airport on the map and click on the Zoom to Details label. Each runway with an ILS approach has an ILS icon next to it (a hexagon with a dot in the centre). Click on the icon and a label appears with the ILS ID, but look to the right of the map and an info panel has also appeared with the ILS location details AND THE FREQUENCY.


I write the frequency down for future reference, and usually tune the NAV1 frequency before I take off. Having already selected an approach within the flightplan, ATC gives me that approach and runway on arrival every time so far. I always check the wind direction in the Arrival airport info panel on the map before choosing an approach of course.

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I haven't gotten too far into the sim yet, but with the G3000 in the TBM you can find ILS frequencies on the MFD page. Click Waypoint Info > Airports > type your airport code > click frequecies and scroll down.
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