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Instrument training and camera view bug?

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Hey folks, 2 parter here. First, big flight sim fan. Loved them in college and afterwards during the heyday of Jane's flight sim and MS flight sim.


Anyway, I'm in my early 40s now and I'm back. I have strongly considered getting my private pilot license but covid got in the way. I'll likely revisit that.


Question 1. I finished all the training that I could find in Flightsim 2020 but it's all VFR. Is there any instrument training in the game that I'm missing? Would like to change aircraft and do some instrument stuff but I don't know how to use any of that stuff. Any guide for that stuff in the game?


Question 2. I have an older joystick so I had to map the buttons manually. I did notice the interior camera views I mapped to the top hat are a little buggy. On the right side, I set the 45 degree view to the 45 degree angle on my 8 way top hat. But when I do 45 degree view left and map to the 315 degree angle on the top hat, I actually get the 120 degree view and when I set the 120 degree view to the 270 degree angle on my top hat, I get the 45 degree left view. Somewhere in the code it's backwards. Anyone noticed this?

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