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Taxi 2 Gate Hong Kong & WOAI traffic


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Hello, I've been having a problem for a long time now, and that is that whenever i load my fsx se and start a new flight, i see no woai traffic at vhhh airport. I mean their there but they are invisible, is it because i have a hong kong airport add on for the airport.


Please Help

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First of all, get rid of the hopelessly outdated WoAI traffic, and install really up-to-date AI traffic, for instance from AIG. WoAI includes airlines that no longer exists, and does not have many of the new airlines.


Then you'll be prompted to use the new FSX models instead, for instance from FAIB or FSP, instead of the AIA models.


WoAI traffic basically uses FS9 models, which will mostly work in FSX. The models can be swapped out for FSX models (FAIB and FSP again). FAIB models are freeware, but you have to pay for FSP.


Very simplified from



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