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FS9 Windows 10 addon scenery


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Hi everybody !


In a fit of nostalgia, I reset FS9 under Windows 10 64 bits. It works fine (high fps by the way). But I cannot instal new sceneries. At most, I can see them for a short time in the box, receiving the message in red to close FS and start again to record them. But, when I do it, the new scenery has gone away.


I set up a free version of FSUIPC to run FSRealWs, which works finely.


I suspect some issue with Windows.


Could somebody help ?


Thank you !



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Hi Binou,


When you restart FS9, does it tell you it is compiling a new scenery CFG

and if so, can you see your scenery in the scenery library, there is a issue

with W10, in that when you are adding new scenery, you have to left click

in the empty space below the folder location, it is a bit hit and miss, I find

that I sometimes have to try it a few times before it loads, a least that is

how it is for me.


Have a look at the screenshots below, I am going to add a US 38M mesh


As you can see it's not in the library at the moment




This is the folder I will add




You can see that the folder is not shown in the directory box




If you right click in this area, you should see the folder added to

the directory box below, and it will just add the scenery and revert

back to scenery library screen, as I said it is a bit hit and miss.




As you can see it has gone straight back to the scenery library screen and added

the scenery at the top, I will move it down later, you can also see the standard

warning you get whenever you make a change to the scenry folder








I use Windows 10 64 bit, and it has always worked for me, but it does sometimes

take a few goes to get it to work:confused:, Microsoft magic I reckon;) it's just how

it works for me.


hope this might help





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