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Running FS9 with 2 monitors sound issue


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I have no issues using a 2nd monitor whether wx/ACARS apps and windows with charts etc on the 2nd monitor. Or undocking some panels and moving them to the 2nd monitor.


The only issue is for either the sound goes off in FS9 everytime I switch over to the 2nd display regardless of what I'm doing. I have to put the mouse back to the main display and click with the mouse for it to come back on. But only until I go back to the 2nd display and off it goes again.


Any reason why it does that? Is there a way around it to keep the sound running?

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The sim IS in window mode. Otherwise the 2nd monitor display is black. I can only see the 2nd display when the first (fs9) is in window mode.


The sound is through speakers in the speaker port.

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Once again, is it via HDMI?


If so, you might want to uninstall the video card driver via safe mode and don't use that option. I'm not sure if it can be enabled/disabled via the sound card settings or GPU settings.


This is just a guess and It's where I'd look first to try to fix the issue.


Edit -


Come to think of it, I think this behavior happens to me with two screens. I run Little Navmap on my second screen and when I click on the second screen the audio mutes. It's been a while since I flown in the Sim, but I now think this happens to me. I'm not running audio though HDMI either. I just put up with the behavior as I think it's due to the Sim losing focus and don't think it can be changed to have audio while focused on the second screen.

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Ah sorry, yes the 2nd monitor is connected via the HDMI port.

The sound isn't though. Directly into the speaker port of the PC.


Also my GPU isn't working currently. I think its fried. I'm using on integrated graphics. So I'm not sure if that is a reason as well.


So yeah, I'm guessing it can't keep the sound from the first display if I switch to the 2nd unless maybe I plug sound directly into the 1st display monitor I suppose.

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